Ever wondered what is the best time to advertise?

Your business may have peaks and troughs or it might be all go ALL of the time. Let’s get into the best times for you to advertise to really get the most out of it.

TL/DR: If you are a seasonal business, build audiences in your off peak seasons and sell in your peak seasons. If you are a 365 day a year business, you need to be simultaneously building audiences, nurturing and selling.

Firstly, get clear on your sale cycle

This may sound obvious but get clear whether you are a business that needs to be selling 365 days a year or whether you work in cycles.

Good example of businesses who need to sell 365 days a year are product based businesses (ecomm), evergreen online course providers or service providers. If a customer wants it, they are there for them come rain or shine.

Similarly, businesses who need to work in cycles could be coaches or course providers with specific intakes per year, seasonal businesses, educators or businesses who just make choices not to work all year round.

Which one are you?

If you’re a 365 days a year business….

You need to constantly need to be on the hunt for new customers to nurture and to convert into buyers.

It is likely that you will need to be doing this all the time. You can then either take the sale outside of social media or run simultaneous campaigns to sell (advertising funnel).

Sorry…..if you need sales 365 days a year, you need to be advertising 365 days a year.

This is generally where you need bigger budgets to have all this activity happening at once unless you are able to close the sale elsewhere.

If you’re a business that works in cycles….

You still need to build audiences but you have a little more flexibility. You can do one of 3 things.

  1. Build your audiences in your off peak times. Great ways to do this are to build followers, get people into your communities or onto your email list.
  2. You can save the budget you would spend all year round and run a short campaign right before your sales campaign to get people into your audiences. This does give you less time to nurture them but people often do this for things like free challenges/online events. Urgency helps here.
  3. Just go for the hard sell to cold audiences. You will need bigger budgets to get the volume as you will naturally get less than if you nurtured. This is risky if you don’t have something proven.

So in summary…..

You need 2 plans. 1 plan to find potential customers and another to sell to them.

If you need to find new customers 365 days, the hunt or the sell never stops. If you don’t need 365 days a year sales/leads, I would always suggest audience build at the times you don’t need them. Nurture them well and they will be there for you at the time you do need them.

Michelle McCance at Tiny Shell Media
Written by Michelle 👋🏼


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