Need to do some advertising on social media?

We’ll make your brand sparkle, wherever your customers are.

Fed up of not getting the results you want OR have no idea where to start?

facebook advertising truth bomb

Truth bomb...

Getting seen online consistently without an ad spend is tough going. You might be lucky to get a viral post or two but for most, social media is a hungry content beast that often gives a depressingly low reward for feeding it.

Some platforms give us a bit more organic reach than others but what they all have in common is that they force us to gamble whether the right people will see our content at the right time.

Advertising removes the guess work.

But I’m guessing you might already suspect that otherwise you wouldn’t be here :).

Incase you’re still wondering whether they can work for you or why you need help….

A whopping 59% of the entire globe’s population use social media on at least one platform and that number is expected to keep growing year on year. Your customers are out there. You just need to find them.
Brands will be spending more than ever on social media advertising in 2023. If it isn’t you, your competition will be so it’s time to get visible and stand out.
Depending upon the platform you’re on, the average ad costs across all ad platforms are on the rise (by 21% YoY according to Hootsuite!). You need expertise that can help you keep this a minimum.
Google processes over 98,000 searches every single second. Why shouldn’t they be searching for you?

Social media advertising can help you stand out from the noise!

And if that isn’t quite enough, the average social media advertising campaign can bring real tangible ROI when you work with someone who knows what they are doing!

Who are we…
and how can we help?

We’re paid media experts. Between us we’ve worked on massive brands – like HSBC, Vodafone, Sony, Seat and Desperados – developing websites, apps, creative campaigns, social media strategies and advertising strategies. We’re now using that experience to help an altogether different type of business. Businesses that don’t just deliver – they delight. Positive, creative, bold businesses focused on making others happy. We help spread the joy of their food, fashion, music, design… bringing it to a wider audience with social media advertising.

Sound like you?


Tiny Shell’s Social Media Advertising services

Whether you want to use advertising to get your business seen on Meta™️ (Facebook™️ & Instagram™️), Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok, we have you covered

What's Included?

A deep dive into your business so we can get to know you just as well as we know our own business.
Audience research so that we can decide together which platform is best suited to your business and most importantly, how to find your people!
The tech set up of the account such as any tracking codes such as pixels, tags etc.
Campaign design, set up, audience building and everything in between.
Daily monitoring and optimisation of your ads.
Regular reporting and learning.
Creative advice.

Complete openness and honesty at all times. At Tiny Shell, we treat your media spend like it was our own money so if something isn’t right for you, we will be sure to tell you.

What extras are available?

An ad is nothing without great creative. We can help with the production of that!
Copywriting for your ads. 
Community management so your customer service on your ads is 👌🏼

Still procrastinating?

These four reasons alone might change your mind:


If you don’t do it, you’re competitors certainly are. People can only buy from people they can see. Are you unintentionally hiding from your new best friends?


Platforms are getting noisier and noisier. It is getting harder to stand out. Do me a favour and look at your last 5 social media posts and look at the average reach you got? How depressing is it that only a tiny portion of your followers get to see your content? Ads can not only get you in front of significantly more people in a predictable way but they allow you to do it with just one post. Let the ads do some of the heavy lifting for you and get off the organic social media content hamster wheel (but don’t abandon it! You still need it!)


People’s attention spans are getting shorter and we are getting lazier online. I.e. it’s getting harder to hold people’s attention and most importantly, get them to take action…even if they follow you! At the moment, we can only pay attention for about 8 seconds at a time and people now love to passively binge watch content (TikTok, I’m looking at you!). You need a clear advertising plan and a partner to work with you to test and learn and show up in places where people will do the things we want them to do.


People need to see your business at a minimum of 7 times before they will do anything but to be honest, I have heard many a guru claim that it is more like 21 times now! Surprised? No, me neither. One thing for sure is that with social media advertising across multiple platforms, it is feasible to get in front of your ideal customers at least 7 times in just ONE day with paid ads. This is the fastest way to get sales on social media. Combine that with paid search and 💥💥💥

Convinced? Let’s talk money

This might put a smile on your face. Advertising on social media, done correctly, can be remarkably good value for money and our prices are as bespoke as you are! Although, we would say to get the most out of working with someone to manage your ads, you should have a minimum of £2000 per month ad spend.