Can the new Custom Lead Gen forms help you drive leads without ever leaving Facebook?

You may not have heard, but Meta recently introduced a new lead generation form type. It’s called a custom form. If you have used lead gen forms in your ads before, you might be wondering why this is different? Let’s dive in.

TLDR: They are a new type of in app lead gen form that now has more customisation capabilities. It’s important because keeping people in app is more important than ever.

So, what are the new custom lead gen forms?

If you have used the lead generation objective in your Facebook & Instagram advertising before, you will have seen that you need to create a basic form to let people give you their info. This is all done within the ad itself so it’s super duper easy for the potential customer.

There has been mixed opinions on this in the past as many ads managers have felt like the quality of lead has been very poor and it’s not always that cheap. Essentially, by driving them to a website or a landing page, the consumer had to go to a bit more effort. More effort = the more interested they are. Keeping it in app, it’s almost too easy and you often found yourself getting ghosted by the leads.

Not ideal.

The other frustration was that the forms were very limited. You could only add a single image, a bit of an intro, a couple of questions and an outro. It did the job but it wasn’t so fancy.

In came the new custom lead forms….

These forms allow you to add more images, more info on your products and services, colour customisation, more flexibility on questions, testimonials, info on how your product or service works. SUBSTANTIALLY more than what you could use previously.

It is now essentially a mini website in the form. Here is a demo if you are interested 🙂

Ok, so it might look prettier but are the leads any better?

Good question.

Since iOS14.5 happened and we lost a huge chunk of tracking as soon as you leave Facebook or Instagram, Meta have been working to improve them.

Mainly because if we all stay on platform, we don’t lose any data. Meta also don’t really want us to leave their platforms if they can help it either so it’s a bit of a win, win.

As they are still fairly new, time will tell on the quality of leads but the early results are promising.

So should you ditch the old forms?

This is going to sound like a cop out but I’ll always be honest with you. You need to test it. You need to carefully look at the cost of your ads on the old forms vs new or just sending them to your website. BUT you also really follow that tracking all the way through to the sale to see which was the best quality lead. Cheap leads don’t always = good leads.

Only then will you be able to make the decision on what’s best method for your business.

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In summary…

Keeping people on the platform is good. This gives you the maximum amount of data.

Meta WANTS us to keep people on platform so they are investing in incentivising us to do so.

We can now add more of our branding and more of our voice to them. This helps to solidify that messaging upfront.

….and if you don’t even have a website, this allows you to start collecting data without the investment of a landing page software or a website.

Will you give them a try?

Updated 2nd February 2023

Written by Michelle 👋🏼


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